I have applied my strong writing skills to a diverse set of opportunities in the arts, ranging from writing a book to art criticism and articles, book reviews, blog posts, exhibition catalog essays and didactic texts, scholarly journals, and editing an online journal and two books. I worked closely writing books with a Mexican architect and a famous Greek sculptor, and as an arts administrator I wrote grant proposals, press releases, and evaluation reports. Yet I haven’t written fiction since I was in grade school and was a voracious science fiction fan. I recall writing a story about people who were driven underground because of pollution and began to turn into moles in order to survive. A selection of my regular postings and short articles from social media can be found on the right sidebar of this website.


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The Future of Museums Blog (Co-Authored, 2012). HASTAC.

Futures of Learning blog, under Anne Balsamo, P.I. for the MacArthur Foundation grant
1) Online (art) Museum Experiences (July 10, 2009)
2) Museum Collections: Digitization → Dissemination → Dialogue (July 3, 2009)
3) Mobile Experiences in Art Museums (June 30, 2009) with Cara Wallis
4) Digital Media in Community Libraries, Part 2: Teen Websites (May 28, 2009)

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Melissa Walter in San Diego Art Prize 2020, Bread & Salt, California. Curated by Chi Essary.

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1992 – 1996 Contributing Art Critic and Writer

ARTnews Magazine & ARTnewsletter – New York City, NY
Odyssey Magazine (international English) – Athens, Greece
The Art Magazine (bilingual) – Athens, Greece
ARTI International (international bilingual magazine) – Athens, Greece
Athenscope Magazine (English) – Athens, Greece

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Rolywholyover A Circus, ARTI International, Vol. 18, January/February 1994: 182–188. (Review of exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, September 12–November 28, 1993).

1999 – 2001

Book Editor, Manuel Rosen Morrison, Architect
Responsible for editing the bilingual book on the respected Mexican architect, writing an essay, the chronology, conducting interviews with the architect, and working with other writers.

1994 – 1996

Worked with internationally renowned Greek sculptor Takis on a book (unpublished) about energy, kinetics, and art. Responsible for research (conducted in Athens, Paris, and Egypt), writing, and coordinating with the artist’s foundation in Athens KETE.

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